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The Best Netflix Original Shows

For years Netflix has been the go to way to watch your favorite shows and movies. The DVD rental company has quickly evolved throughout the years to allow people to have instant entertainment. If a person wants to watch their favorite TV show or movie, they no longer need to drive to a video rental shop or even wait 3 days for a DVD to arrive in the mail. They only need to press play before enjoying their chosen entertainment. Now Netflix has been delving into the world of original programming with innovative new television shows that are competition for even the most prestigious networks.


This list answers the question, “What is the best Netflix original show?” The shows on this list may never have been made had it not been for Netflix’s ability to take risks. Their completely new shows like Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards have been getting rave reviews and drawing in excited audiences from all over the world. Shows like Arrested Development got the chance to have an extra season of episodes that network TV would never be brave enough to air.


The television series on this list are each examples of Netflix’s potential to outdo every cable network in creativity and entertainment.

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    Turbo: F.A.S.T.

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    new! Bad Samaritans

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    The Ropes

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