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Best Off-Road SUVs and Off-Roading Vehicles

List Criteria: Any automobile that is capable of going off-roading

This is a collection of the best off-roading vehicles and off-road SUVs that will definitely be a great part of any adventure. Off-roading is a relatively recent phenomenon but those who have tried it know how fun it is. The thrill of manipulating a several ton machine up and over rough terrain is amazing and these are the vehicles that will take you there. These vehicles are also built with safety in mind so in case you should ever tip over or get into an accident these are some of the safest vehicles out there. It is very important to pick the right off-road SUV for what you want so take a look at this list and choose from the very best. Keep in mind while you are choosing an off-road SUV that there must be a balance between off-road ability and economy. The best off-road vehicles will not necessarily get great gas mileage or be very easy to drive but most of them definitely have enough of a "cool" factor that you should be able to overlook them.

If the great outdoors are your sort of thing and none of these quite fit your fancy check out the list of the best cars for the great outdoors.
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    most listed & added by offroader General Motors, Chevrolet best off road vehicle ever built. bullet proof 350 small block with a removable top like a ...

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    added by offroader International Harvester, Scout

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    often listed & ranked high on reranks Ford Raptor

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    ranked low on reranks Hummer

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    added by nkosa Hummer

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    General Motors, Chevrolet

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    Chevrolet K10

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    new! & added by MiddletownBuck Chrysler

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    General Motors, Cadillac

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