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Best Olympic Athletes from Mexico

List of the greatest Olympic athletes from Mexico, with photos when available. These are the best Mexican Olympians of all time who have had the honor of representing their country at the prestigious Olympic games. Mexican athletes from every era all have their place in the Olympic history books, but which Mexican Olympian is the best of them all? You can decide who the greatest Olympic competitor from Mexico is by how many medals they took back to their country, but that isn't the only factor that comes into play when considering who the best really is.

This list includes Tatiana Ortiz, Alvaro Gaxiola and more items.

This list answers the questions, "Who is the best Mexican Olympian of all time?" and "Who are the greatest Olympians from Mexico?"

America, Russia and Great Britain have the most Olympic medals out of every country that has been represented in the Olympics, but it doesn't mean that Olympic competitors from other nations don't deserve accolades as well. Vote for your favorite Mexico Olympic athletes on this list, and downvote the ones that you don't think had a huge impact on Mexico.
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    Tatiana Ortiz

    Date Of Birth: 1984
    Tatiana Ortiz : see more

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    María Espinoza Added by: Shirley Tessle

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    Ricardo Delgado Added by: Shirley Tessle

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    Paola Espinosa

    Date Of Birth: 1986-07-31
    Place Of Birth: La Paz,Mexico,Earth,Latin America,North America
    Paola Espinosa : see more

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    Olympic Medalist Event: Men's 3 metre springboard,Men's 10 metre platform
    Olympic Country: Mexico
    Date Of Birth: 1928-12-23
    Place Of Birth: Mexico City,Mexico,Greater Mexico City,Earth,Latin America + 1 more
    Olympic Sport: Diving
    Nationality: Mexico
    Olympic Medalist Event Competition: Diving at the 1956 Summer Olympics - Men's 3 metre springboard,Diving at the 1956 Summer Olympics - Men's 10 metre platform,Diving at the 1948 Summer Olympics - Men's 10 metre platform,Diving at the 1952 Summer Olympics - Men's 10 metre platform
    Olympic Medalist Games: 1956 Summer Olympics,1948 Summer Olympics,1952 Summer Olympics
    Olympic Games Participant: 1948 Summer Olympics,1956 Summer Olympics,1952 Summer Olympics
    Olympic Medals Won: Bronze medal,Gold medal,Silver medal
    Joaquin Capilla : see more

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