The Best Pictures of Bigfoot

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Bigfoot, otherwise known as Sasquatch, is a large, human-like creature whose existence has never been verified. The creature is typically spotted in forests in the Northwest region of the United States, but it has also been sighted in the Northeast. Bigfoots have an ape-like appearance and appear mostly at night. Has anyone ever captured a real photo of Bigfoot? Is there proof that Bigfoot exists? Take a look at the photos on this list and decide for yourself.

What is the most famous Bigfoot photo? A still shot from Roger Patterson's 1967 film (known simply as the Patterson-Gimlin film) has become an iconic Bigfoot visual. The film has been studied by Bigfoot believers, who think the film is the real deal, and Bigfoot skeptics who believe that the film only captures the image of a man in an ape suit. The American Bigfoot Society believes that they have a clear photo of Bigfoot's back that was given to the organization anonymously in 2008.

Bigfoot is frequently spotted in Washington State as well as in Pennsylvania. It was even spotted as far north as Canada. Some people take photos when they accidentally stumble upon Bigfoot, while others set up cameras to try to get photo evidence of the elusive creature.

Why do you think it is so difficult to get a photo of Bigfoot? Do you think Bigfoot is really in the pictures below? Vote up the best, most realistic Bigfoot pictures.
Collection Photo:  Roger Patterson
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