The Best Places To Visit In Toronto Buildings/Attractions

The Best Places To Visit In Toronto

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Toronto is one of the most diverse cities I've visited - there's something for everyone!
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    Casa Loma is an interesting visit for For history or architecture buffs. Built in the early 1900s by wealthy Toronto businessman Sir Henry Pellatt, Casa Loma represents one man's incredible architectural dream. Unfortunately, Pellat's dream went a little off course and contributed to his downfall.
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    Even if you don't actually step inside the museum, it is definitely worth checking out the unique, jagged glass exterior that leaves viewers feeling either delighted or offended. With the more than 40 galleries of archaeology, art and natural science, the Royal Ontario Museum offers up a world of fun and provokes the imagination.
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    The CN Tower

    The CN Tower is Toronto’s #1 tourist attraction. Being the tallest building in the world, it attracts millions of visitors a year. You can eat lunch up in the 360 degree restaurant at the top of the tower, and at the same time get a grand view of the whole city.
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    The Eaton Centre

    In the heart of Toronto's downtown, The Eaton Centre is a bright and airy shopping mall that houses more than 250 stores. Along with the CN Tower, the Eaton Centre is on the top of the most popular tourist attraction list in Toronto.
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    Centre Island

    Centre Island is one in a series of tiny islands that make up the largest urban car-free community in North America. Also called Toronto Island, Centre Island offers a place for relaxation and recreation and features recreation areas, beaches, an amusement park and a yacht club, and restaurants.
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