The Best Pro Sports Knockouts Anything

The Best Pro Sports Knockouts

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The best pro sports knockouts capture that split second when a boxer, MMA fighter, hockey player or even capoeira practitioner renders their opponent unconscious and out of the match with one blow. These are by no means all of the best sports knockouts but some of the most memorable for the skill, speed and luck shown.

Often to the dissatisfaction of fans that spent hundreds of dollars on tickets and pay-per-view events, many of these knockouts came just seconds into the fight. As shown in come of the quicker knockouts, many times it took only one or two seconds for one or both fighters to hit the mat.

In other cases, it's the immense skill used to complete the knockout such as the case with capoeira masters Marcus Aurelio and Jose Cornejo fought. Aurelio wasted little time before he delivered a sick set of kicks to Cornejo's face to knock him out cold.

While most of these killer knockouts are from the talented and silly nicknamed fighters in the UFC, professional boxing and other professional MMA leagues, another sport is also represented. Ice hockey does not expressly allow fighting but it does happen quite often and occasionally leads to a knockout, such as when two of the best, Aaron Downey and Jessie Boulerice dropped the gloves.

Whether these knockouts came from one well-placed punch or by a hit landed from an opponent who had been the underdog during the entire fight, each were the definitive move that one fighter needed to land to end the fight. They certainly aren't all pretty, but they are definitely all effective.

What are the best knockouts? Take a look here and see for yourself!

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    Joe Louis Vs. Max Schmeling Added by: AF1972

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    Arthur Guseinov vs Tyson Jeffries

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    Sean Nichols "The Ginger Ninja" (for BEST Nickname) Added by: RichMay

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    Daron Cruickshank vs Ricky Stettner

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    Justin Buchholz vs Steve Lopez

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