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Best Programming Language to Learn

The best programming language to learn is often a matter of opinion or application but there are definitely some more widely used and better programming languages to learn than others. Comparing these programming languages is not apples to apples as each have different functions and uses but for most of these languages, the demand for programmers fluent in these programming languages is quite high.

For someone just starting out, learning a C-based programming language is a great place to begin. Once there's a good understanding of C, an aspiring programmer could easily move on to learning C++, C# and Java as the syntax for each of those languages is similar.

Someone who knows what they want to program can select a specific language for their application. An aspiring web designer could learn Python, Perl, HTML, Ruby, JavaScript, CSS and PHP. If developing mobile apps is more of the goal, learning Objective C, the main language used to create iPhone apps, or Android Java, used for Android apps, are among the top picks.

Programmers could argue all day about which programming language is the best to learn and rarely would they agree. Most however will advise to start with the basics, like the C language, then venture off into a language best suited for the specific type of programming someone wants to do.

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