Best Public Outbursts of 2009 People
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Best Public Outbursts of 2009

Sometimes you just have to blow your lid. Regret comes only after the video is released. At least for those who cry "sorry" to protect their image. Others just keeping on talking.

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    Elizabeth Lambert at the BYU Soccer Team

    Now former, New Mexico soccer player Elizabeth Lambert is the latest sports villain to crash-land onto the headlines.

    The video speaks for itself but highlights include Lambert elbowing a BYU player, kicking another in the face with the soccer ball, and finally, the most violent, brutally yanking another girl to the ground by her pony tail.

    There's a bit of crazy in the air here, but apologies from Lambert claim she was just caught up in the heat of the moment.

    For the sake of our personal safety, we'll agree with you Lizzie.

  2. 2

    Susan Boyle at Piers Morgan on the Tele

    While watching the semifinals at a hotel bar, sudden singing sensation Susan Boyle blurted "f*** off" at judge Piers Morgan for complementing a fellow competitor. Some angry hand gestures accompanied the grievance.

    About 150 bar patrons witnessed as Susan Boyle then stormed off to probably sing/cry in the shower.

    It had likely been too much too soon for the talented vocalist who later lost the competition to the very singer Piers praised while she watched from the hotel bar.

    Oh well. She had more than her fifteen minute share of fame and it didn't seem to sit well with her. Hopefully she can go back to living her life.

  3. 3

    Joan Rivers at some Reporter

    This one may have slipped under some people's radar but in July of this year, sassy centenarian Joan Rivers lashed out at a smug reported for picking on daughter Melissa.

    He made a rude joke about Melissa riding her mommy's coattails. Joan snapped back at the reporter for getting "so f***ing smart"

    This was on live television, by the way. In Sacramento, but nonetheless, live.

    I say, good for Joan. She is the reigning Celebrity Apprentice after all.

  4. 4

    Christian Bale at the DP

    In case you were hiding under a (bat)cave in early 2009, famed Batman/The Dark Knight star Christian Bale spent about 5 minutes giving hell to a DP (Director of Photography) for walking into his scene while shooting Terminator: Salvation.

    Although the outburst happened well before 2009, it exploded onto the airwaves in early February, just like Bale's temper exploded all over the set.

    The highlight of this auditory assault: "I'm going to f***ing kick your f***ing ass if you don't shut up! All right?

    End result? Career basically untarnished. Hats off to Mr. Bale for being English and "not knowing any better".

    Side note: Wouldn't it have been better if he'd used his Batman voice.


  5. 5

    Eminem at Mariah Carey

    She says, he says. Who's telling the truth here?

    Rapper/actor extraordinaire Eminem's rap rebuttal to Mariah Carey's song in which she calls out Em for being obsessed with her emancipated self goes a little something like this:

    "Mariah, it ever occur to you that I still have pictures?" And "Oh, did I say 'whore,' Nick? I meant liar too."

    A classy comeback if there ever was one.

    The real end to this story is that both parties are still very very rich.

  6. 6

    Senator Joe Wilson at Work

    Strike that Senator headline, it's Representative Joe Wilson who accused the president of lying by shouting "You Lie!" in the middle of Peacemaker Obama's address to Congress.

    He then quickly apologized. Does that mean he's really sorry, or just sorry he got caught (on every single news channel in the world).

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