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The Best Reality Medical Shows

The best medical reality shows are those that present fascinating, challenging medical cases and then let viewers see how patients are treated. The subject matter in a great medical reality TV show is often bizarre (or at the very least, slightly unusual), and the doctors, nurses and other medical staff involved in treatment are charismatic. This list includes many of the best reality medical television shows around, but it isn't complete. Feel free to add any medical shows you like, and vote up the programs that captivate you the most!

Some medical reality shows are filmed in actual hospitals, giving viewers a first-hand look at some of the critical situations that come up, especially in emergency rooms. Great examples of this kind of reality show include 'Trauma: Life in the E.R.' and 'Untold Stories of the E.R.'

In 2012, ABC debuted the reality documentary show 'NY Med,' which followed the staff (including cardiothoracic surgeon and TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz) at several New York-area hospitals as they treated patients for a variety of illnesses. The show was similar to two other ABC medical docudrama reality programs, 2010's 'Boston Med' and 2008's 'Hopkins.'

Medical mysteries are a common theme where medical reality shows are concerned. 'Mystery Diagnosis' (OWN) sets up the story by giving viewers a detailed background of a patient before they became sick, and during their illness. Eventually, a correct diagnosis is provided, and it's often a strange, rare illness.

What are the best medical reality shows on TV? Addiction-related medical reality shows are often extremely compelling. Programs in this category include the Emmy-winning A&E series 'Intervention,' and even VH1's 'Celebrity Rehab.'

What is the best reality medical show? That's up to you to decide, with your votes!
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    Monsters Inside Me

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