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Best Science Fiction Books

an utterly subjective and eclectic list

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    Le Guins story contrasts two worlds with very different political systems: one world (the planet) is very similar to earth, with nations and conflicts, the other one (the planets moon) is an anarchist society.

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    In a near f*ture world, nations have crumbled away and been replaced by new "tribes" like the neo-victorians. The two protagonists are a nanotech engineer who builds an interactive book, and a young tribe-less girl named Nell who ends up with the book by accident.

    The world Neal Stephenson describes here is just as fascinating as the fate of the protagonits. This book completely changed my opinion of the victorians.

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    This book contains two stories about the near and far f*ture of humanity. The starting point is the invention of the "bobble," a spherical force-field impenetrable by any force.... and I will write no more lest I spoil it.

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    Follow the story of Arthur Dent, last surviving earthling, as he stumbles through the galaxy in his bathrobe. Great Comedy, great science fiction. What started out as a BBC radio play in the 70ies grew into a trilogy of five books (don't ask), a tv series with really bad sfx and amazing animations, audio books, and a movie with great vfx in 2005.

    If you only ever read one science fiction book, then read the Hitchhiker.

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    A book from 1966 about a lunar colonys revolt against rule from Earth.

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    As a teenager I read Heinleins juveniles - that's what got me into science fiction. And Spock. Cory Doctorov writes juveniles for the 21st century. Less space travel, more hackers.

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