The Best Selling Book Series of all Time Books
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The Best Selling Book Series of all Time

A list of the best selling book series of all time. These series are the best sellers of all bestsellers. Since religious and political books, such as The Holy Bible, are often given away for free, they have not been included on this list. These top selling book series span multiple centuries, covering many genres and original languages. And if you think Harry Potter or Twilight top this list, think again, they're not even close.

What are the most popular book series of all time? What are the best selling books ever? The most popular books are indeed novels, with the most popular published volumes going through multiple editions and reprints. A few nonfiction texts can also be found, but they are few and far between. If one enjoys reading, these books are for you.
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  1. 1
    JK Rowling More
    Copies Sold: 400 million
  2. 2
    R. L. Stine More
    Copies Sold: 350 million
  3. 3
    Thomas M. Leitch More
    Copies Sold: 300 million
  4. 4

    Berenstain Bears

    Stan and Jan Berenstain More
  5. 5

    Choose Your Own Adventure

    Copies Sold: 250 million
  6. 6
    Jamie Suzzane More
    Copies Sold: 250 million
  7. 7


    Enid Blyton More
    Copies Sold: 200 million
  8. 8
    Sonja Morris, Terry Munson More
    Copies Sold: 200 million
  9. 9
    Reverend W. Awdry, Christopher Awdry More
    Copies Sold: 200 million
  10. 10
    Ann M. Martin More
    Copies Sold: 172 million
  11. 11
    Andy Mangels More
    Copies Sold: 160 million
  12. 12

    Peter Rabbit

    Beatrix Potter More
    Copies Sold: 150 million
  13. 13
    Copies Sold: 130 million
  14. 14

    Frank Merriwell

    Copies Sold: 125 million
  15. 15

    Dirk Pitt

    Copies Sold: 120 million
  16. 16
    Eiji Yoshikawa More
    Copies Sold: 120 million
  17. 17
    Page Edwards More
    Copies Sold: 120 million
  18. 18
    Copies Sold: 120 million
  19. 19
    Steve Haefele, Lisa Ann Marsoli More
    Copies Sold: 110 million
  20. 20
    Alastair Dougall More
    Copies Sold: 100 million
  21. 21
    Stephenie Meyer More
    Copies Sold: 100 million
  22. 22
    Meredith Johnson More
    Copies Sold: 100 million
  23. 23
    Marcel Marlier More
    Copies Sold: 100 million
  24. 24
    Dick Bruna More
    Copies Sold: 85 million
  25. 26

    OSS 117

    Copies Sold: 75 million
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