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Best-Selling Cars by Class

A list of the most popular cars by class. With pictures! What is the best selling SUV? The best selling sedan? This is a list of best in class cars. When it comes to automobiles, these autos are the epitome of their class. What does that mean? When one envisions a pick-up truck, a full-size car, or a hybrid electric vehicle, these cars are the standard, these are the autos one should envision; these are the cars the others of their class are compared to. Being some of the best selling cars in the world, they're also a safe bet if one is shopping for a new ride. You'll definitely be in good company.

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    Best Selling Full-Size Car. Over 13 Million Sold.
  2. 2
    Best Selling Pickup Truck. Over 34 Million Sold.
  3. 3
    Best Selling Two-Seater Convertible Sports Car. Over 749,000 Sold.
  4. 4
    Best Selling Rotary Engined Car. Over 800,000 Sold.
  5. 5
    Best Selling Luxury Car. Over 2.7 Million Sold.
  6. 6
    Best Selling Hybrid Electric Vehicle. Over 2 Million Sold.

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