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The Best Spectator Sports

List Criteria: Vote up your favorite sports to watch - the ones you find most entertaining

The best spectator sports are the ones that are not only the sports that are fun to play, but the sports that are thrilling to watch. Whether you're seeing the best teams in the league or the worst teams ever to play a game, there's a certain spectacle that goes along with watching live sports that makes the spectator sports experience worth every moment. The top spectator sports include NFL football, MLB baseball, and NBA basketball though those are just a few of the greatest spectator sports.

There is an electricity to the crowd at sporting events and being in a team's stadium to watch sports action unfold live isn't the only reason a sport becomes a top spectator sport. In fact, some of the best stadiums are themselves a reason to watch a sport. Some people think the best thing about spectator sports is the concessions. Others think the greatest spectator sports are ones where there's a chance the competitors could get hurt. Sometimes being a part of the best sports franchises makes a spectator sport the best sport for fans to watch. Whatever

What are the greatest spectator sports? What are the best sports to watch live? Which sports are the best to see in person? Are some sports more exciting to watch at the stadium? There are dozens of reasons to watch sports and this list is just a way to approach the question of what's the best sport to watch. If you don't see your favorite spectator sport on the list, be sure to add it and being it to the attention of other sports fans who might vote it to the #1 position as the greatest spectator sport.
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    the people's #1 Soccer

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    most listed Basketball

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    added by michalkaly

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    added by Ranker Pokemon

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    often listed & added by cooolalladin

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    added by ColinBoddy

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    ranked low on reranks & added by Riot18

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    often listed & ranked high on reranks

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    added by RobertDowney Rugby League

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    added by Riot18

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    added by Riot18 Volleyball

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    added by jrdale1

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    new! & added by The ITB

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    Beach Soccer

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    added by Riot18 Bowling

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