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The Best Sulfate Free Shampoos

List Criteria: Shampoos that contain no Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Ammonium Lareth Sulphate and Myreth Sulphate

The best sulfate free shampoos manage to clean hair effectively without stripping color and/or natural oils. What are the best sulfate free shampoos? Switching to a shampoo that is free of Sodium Lauryl and Laureth Sulfates can potentially help hair hold color much longer than it normally would. Yes, the SLS does increase lather in the shampoo, so that takes a bit of getting used to - but many of the sulfate free shampoos on this list do, in fact, lather well. I've listed what I believe are some of the best, most effective sulfate free shampoos on the market right now. Agree? Vote the shampoo up! And if you've tried, and absolutely hated, one of these sulfate free shampoos, be sure to vote it down.

Here's the thing with sulfate free shampoos: You have to do your homework. Read the label on the shampoo bottle and make sure it clearly says "sulfate free." Next, check the ingredients and be certain that you don't see "Sodium Lauryl" or "Sodium Laureth Sulfates." Due diligence is key when finding a great sulfate free shampoo.

Another potential benefit of switching to an SLS free shampoo: If you have very dry/damaged hair, the shampoo will be less harsh. Also, some people with sensitive skin/scalp could benefit from a switch. The fewer chemicals, the better. On this list, I've included several brands. Some of these lines include sulfate free shampoos for fine hair, dry hair, color-treated hair and the like. Be sure to select a sulfate free shampoo that fits your needs.

If you've got a sulfate free shampoo that you simply can't do without, definitely comment on this list! Everyone's looking for that magic shampoo that has few chemicals and still manages to make hair look amazing.
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  1. 1
    Up 717
    Down 234

    Pureology Nanoworks Shampoo

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  2. 2
    Up 554
    Down 190

    L'Oreal Paris Everstrong Hydrate Shampoo

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  3. 3
    Up 186
    Down 92

    Kirkland Signature Professional Salon Formula Moisture Shampoo

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  4. 4
    Up 145
    Down 80

    Moroccanoil Moisture Repair Shampoo

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  5. 5
    Up 86
    Down 40

    Biolage Delicate Care Shampoo

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  6. 6
    Up 117
    Down 65

    Enjoy Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo

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  7. 7
    Up 107
    Down 58

    Trader Joe's Balanced Moisturizing Nourish Spa Shampoo

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  8. 8
    Up 67
    Down 35

    It's a 10 Miracle Moisture Shampoo

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  9. 9
    Up 68
    Down 36

    TIGI Bed Head Superstar Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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  10. 10
    Up 94
    Down 60

    Organix Rejuvenating Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo

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  11. 11
    Up 50
    Down 25

    Giovanni Smooth as Silk Shampoo

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  12. 12
    Up 53
    Down 33

    Jason Natural Biotin Shampoo

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  13. 13
    Up 63
    Down 43

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  14. 14
    Up 38
    Down 20

    Kenra Platinum Shampoo

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  15. 15
    Up 53
    Down 34

    DevaCurl DevaCare Low-Poo

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  16. 16
    Up 78
    Down 58

    Burt's Bees Very Volumizing Shampoo

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  17. 17
    Up 33
    Down 20

    TIGI S-Factor Color Savvy Sulfate Free Shampoo

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  18. 18
    Up 29
    Down 18

    Aquage SeaExtend Silkening Shampoo

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  19. 19
    Up 32
    Down 22

    Avalon Organics Botanicals Lavender Shampoo

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  20. 20
    Up 45
    Down 40

    Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Herbal Shampoo

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  21. 21
    Up 20
    Down 14

    ABBA Moisture Scentsation Shampoo

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  22. 22
    Up 32
    Down 31

    Alba Botanica Plumeria Hawaiian Shampoo

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  23. 23
    Up 28
    Down 27

    John Masters Organics Shampoo

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  24. 24
    Up 22
    Down 25
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    added by premesh Brazilian blowout

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  25. 25
    Up 20
    Down 23

    Nature's Gate Persimmon and Rose Shampoo

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  26. 26
    Up 4
    Down 6

    new! & added by gav1 Gavin Taylor Hair SLS and Paraben Free Shampoo Shampoo and conditioner are great my hair has got a healthy glow back

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  27. 27
    Up 22
    Down 29

    Aubrey Organics Shampoo

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  28. 28
    Up 12
    Down 19

    Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo

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  29. 29
    Up 10
    Down 17

    Shielo Color Protect Shampoo

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  30. 30
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    added by mommadukes Phit Sulfate free Shampoo

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  31. 31
    Up 18
    Down 41

    Kiss My Face Whenever Shampoo for Frequent Use

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