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Summer songs are about the joys of the carefree, sun-filled months, about drinking too much, spending time at the beach, throwing parties, and experiencing a summer romance. Finding that perfect summer song to help set the mood can make those sun-drenched days that much more enjoyable. What are the best country songs about summer?

These summer songs are from top country artists, both modern and classic, such as Merle Haggard, Alan Jackson, Kenny Chesney, and Brad Paisley. Vote up the greatest country summer songs and add any that aren't already on the list.

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Summertime The Kenny Chesney song that is straight up about summertime and its carefree nature.

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Toes Zac Brown Band song about packing up and heading down to Mexico and dipping those toes in the sand and surf.

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Barefoot Blue Jean Night A song about warm summer nights and kicking off your shoes and sticking your feet in the sand.

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Knee Deep A song about day dreaming of a better life and being knee deep in crystal blue water somehwere.

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When the Sun Goes Down Kenny Chesney song about finding the best of summer life when the 'sun goes down'

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It's Five O'Clock Somewhere Five o Clock is drinking time, meaning it must be happy hour somewhere. A song about wanting to have fun, no matter what time of day it really is.

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No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems A song about the carefree nature of summer. Take it all off for a day at the beach with this Kenny Chesney summer tune.

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Margaritaville The classic song about getting lost i the summer sand with a margarita in hand.

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Chicken Fried Zac Brown Band - A song about enjoying the sweet culinary treats of a southern summer, from country fried everything, to homemade wine, to pecan pie.

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Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd - A song that can be belted out all summer long as an anthem to living it up in your home state.

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All Summer Long Kid Rock - Kid Rock song about reminiscing about adolescent summers and those sweet times at the beach.

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Chattahoochee Alan Jackson summer song about heading down to the river to have some fun.

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Cruise Florida Georgia Line song about just crusing the summertime streets checking out all the summer sights.

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Beachin' Jake Owen

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Redneck Yacht Club Craig Morgan - For country boys summertime means hanging at the redneck yacht club aka the lake. Flip Flops, beer in hand, it doesn't need to be any fancier than this.

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Some Beach Blake Shelton - Blake Shelton tune about daydreaming of our favorite vacation spot.

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Long Hot Summer It's going to be a long hot summer, says Keith Urban, so you better make the most of it while you can.

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Pontoon A song about summertime parties out on the lake with  the barbecue and the good times flowing.

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Water Brad Paisley tune about the best way to cool off once the summer sun stars beating down relentlessly.

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Fishin' in the Dark Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

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Watermelon Crawl Tracy Byrd - A song about a devilishly hot day and the summer fruit that can make it all melt away.

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Ticks In the country summer ticks are a problem, and that's the smooth line Brad Paisley offers to get his lady strip down to nothing in this tongue and cheek summer song.

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Beer in Meixco For Kenny Chesney summer is all about slowing down with a beer in your hand. And there's no place better to do that, then Mexi

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Boondocks A song about living it up and being proud to be from the backwater boondocks of a little country town

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What Was I Thinking Dierks Bentley song about summer love and the trouble it can cause.

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Summer Nights Summer nights seems to last forever and only bring good times. At least in this Rascal Flatts song they do.

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Summertime Blues Alan Jackson - Alan Jackson's take on the classic song about yearning for summer. It can never come quite soon enough.

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Honey Bee A song about sweet summer love, the kind as sweet as honey from a honey bee.

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Down on The Farm Song about how kids spent weekend nights  having fun down on the farm

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Beat This Summer A song about enjoying all the benefits of summer while they last. Soak it in, because you're not going to beat summer vacation.

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Heads Carolina, Tails California Jo Dee Messina - Summer song about packing up the car and getting lost on the highways.

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Firecracker A song about summer love and when the sparks go flying like the 4th of July.

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Red Solo Cup Toby Keith

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Little Bitty Alan Jackson

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Where the Blacktop Ends A song about kicking off your shoes to feel the grass on your feet and leaving the city to return to the country for some fun.

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Roll with It A song about the white sandy beaches of anywhere. Summer is about kicking back, and slowing down, and finding fun in the sand at the spot that easiest to come by.

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Summer's Coming Clint Black song about the anticipation and the countdown to the glorious days of summer.

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Am I the Only One Dierks Bentley song about looking for someone to party with. Perfect song to go with summer.

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Drink on It Another dirnking song atop the list. Blak Shelton won't give up on a cheap romance built around too much to drink in this song that seems all too familiar come summertime.

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California Girls Response song to the classic Beach Boys hit. This Gretchen Wilson songs asks ain't you glad we're not all Calfirnia girls, with their fake smiles, skinny bones, and plastic surgery?

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My Maria Brooks & Dunn

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The Seashores of Old Mexico Summer song from Merle Haggard about an outlaw who finds the escape he needs in Mexico.

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Six Pack Summer Another song about living it up and kicking back during the summer. Cracking open a few beers and chilling with friends is what Six Pack Summer is all about.