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Best Super Bowl 2012 Celebrity Cameos

The best Super Bowl 2012 celebrity cameos feature some of the most famous people in movies, sports, music, business and television today making appearances in Super Bowl XLVI ads. The celebrities making cameos in 2012 Super Bowl ads are a diverse group but all will share 30 seconds of fame for the hilarity (or failure) of their Super Bowl ads.

Like the 2011 Super Bowl ads, many of the top names set to appear in ads will be kept under wraps until the multi-million-dollar commercials air during the big game. Century 21 Real Estate for example has released teasers hinting that the likes of real estate mogul Donald Trump and Olympic athlete Apolo Anton Ohno will appear in the spots but have yet to release the full ad.

Honda took a similar approach when it quietly released a teaser in late January 2012 featuring actor Matthew Broderick waking up in a hotel room. The Internet started buzzing about a possible remake of his classic film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," a suspicion that was partly true and confirmed when the full commercial featuring Broderick enjoying a day off from acting, was released online.

Those two companies are just a small fraction of those who will reportedly use celebrities in their Super Bowl ads. Soccer stud David Bechham will endorse H&M, Adriana Lima will appear for Kia, John Stamos will tout Oikos Greek yogurt and William Shatner will be back as the Priceline Negotiator, just to name a few.

But just as no one knows if the New England Patriots or the New York Giants will win Super Bowl XLVI, which celebrity will have the best Super Bowl XLVI cameo is yet to be determined. Like always, the Super Bowl is sure to bring us a new group of sexy Super Bowl ads and a whole lot more.

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