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The Best Super Bowl XLVI (2012) Ads

List of the best, funniest Super Bowl XLVI ads, running on Super Bowl Sunday 2012. Super Bowl commercials have always been a big part of watching the game, but in recent years, the Internet has given new life to these 30 second to 2 minute advertising spots. Many of the biggest ads now debut a week or more before the game, and will continue to have new life on YouTube and other streaming video sites for weeks after the Lombardi Trophy has been awarded and the MVP has been announced. (Just take a look at Volkswagen's epic Darth Vader Super Bowl ad from 2011, which continues to be a hit on social media to this day.)

Many of the biggest Super Bowl XLVI ads feature notable celebrity cameos. Honda got a ton of press in the weeks before the game after teasing an appearance in their ad by Matthew Broderick, playing beloved '80s teen comedy icon Ferris Bueller. (The entire ad debuted a week before the Super Bowl.) Jerry Seinfeld also appeared on behalf of a car company, touting the anticipated Acura NSX alongside "rival" Jay Leno. Volkswagen also returns this year with a new ad, featuring the return of the "Vader Kid" from last year's ad. (A teaser for the new commercial featured dogs in "Star Wars" costumes.)

This page collects the best and funniest ads from the 2012 Super Bowl broadcast. Be sure to vote up your favorites, vote down the ones that bored you to tears and suggest others we may have forgotten in the comments. (And don't forget to vote on the Worst Super Bowl XLVI Ads as well!)

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    Doritos 'Man's Best Friend' Ad

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    Volkswagen 'Dog Strikes Back' Ad

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    Bud Light 'Rescue Dog' Ad

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    Chrysler 'It's Halftime in America' Ad

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    M&M's 'Just My Shell' Ad

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    Sketchers 'Go Run Mr Quiggly' Ad

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