The Best Walking Dead Actors Anything

The Best Walking Dead Actors

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As all the Walking Dead fans know, the actors on that show are AMAZING, very believable, and in touch with there character. So which one is the best? You decide.

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    Norman Reedus [Daryl Dixon] Norman Reedus [Daryl Dixon] The SERIOUS BAD ASS of the group who cuts off the ears of zombies and makes a necklace, the first to everything like dales........problem............situation......and when sophia was missing and he

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    Andrew Lincoln [Rick Grimes] Andrew Lincoln [Officer Rick Grimes] Main Character of The Walking Dead and a very good actor, Rick Grimes is a man who wakes up in a hospital because of being shot in a police chase, so anyways he wakes up in a hospital then

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    Steven Yeun [Glenn] Steven Yeun [Glenn] is also very talented (you know what theey all are so I am going to stop saying they are talented so you guys can have your own oppinion.) and is the ninja of the group (not racist) he jumps from building to

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    Scott Wilson [Hershel Greene] This guy is a bad ass for his age.

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    Lauren Cohan [Maggie Greene] I don't know much about her besides the fact that she f**ked glenn

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    Jeffrey DeMunn [Dale Horvath] Jeffrey DeMunn [Dale Horvath] Is the old man of the group who can see through people like a window, like how he saw bad in shane and how he saw good in rick.

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    Melissa Suzanne McBride [Carol Peletier] She is annoying also but very talented as well and I can't say much.

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    Emily Kinney [Beth Greene] I know this goes for many people but I don't know much about this person at all.

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    All Zombies If you just like all the zombies and the way they act then vote this one

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    Chandler Riggs [Carl Grimes] Chandler Riggs [Carl Grimes] Is the son of Lori Grimes and Rick Grimes, he runs away with his mom when the apocalypse occurs and also gets like 2 zombie kills but is a very good actor.

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    IronE Singleton [T-Dog] Can't say much but is a very good actor

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    Jon Bernthal [Shane Walsh] Jon Bernthal [Shane Walsh] The talented back stabbing son of a bitch who is a friend and a police partner of Rick and also was there when rick got shot, he actually runs away with Lori and Carl.

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    Laurie Holden [Andrea] Laurie Holden [Andrea] Is a very talented actor as well and also the bad ass woman of the group, as she takes out every zombie with one bullet head shot you will realize that she is not to be messed around with AT ALL. I do not

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    Sarah Wayne Callies [Lori Grimes] Sarah Wayne Callies [Lori Grimes] Ricks wife is definitely the most ANNOYING person on cast there but very very talented now its not her real life self that annoys me its her character in the walking dead her whory self but I am

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    Madison Lintz [Sophia Peletier] I rememeber her she is the one that turned into a walker and rick had to shoot her.

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    Andrew Rothenberg [Jim] This guy I rememeber but very vaguely.

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    Adam Minarovich [Ed Peletier] this douche bag got stomped on by shane

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    Jane McNeill [Patricia] I am guessing the wife of hershel but I am not sure I don't know this woman and I don't care about her so if you know her and you love her acting, then vote the f**k up

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    James Allen McCune [Jimmy] I rememeber this guy getting eaten in beside the dying fire but nothing before that.

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