The Best Wedding Shows on TV

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The best wedding shows on TV include several reality programs that feature nervous brides-to-be trying to plan for the biggest day of their lives. Whether it's TLC's Say Yes to the Dress, which follows brides as they try to select that perfect wedding gown, or WE's Platinum Weddings, which highlights some of the most lavish and elaborate wedding ceremonies in the world, these shows make for great television viewing (particularly for brides). This list includes some of the greatest wedding shows around, so be sure to vote for your favorites (and vote down those you hate). This list is also by no means complete, so add any wedding shows that you love and don't see listed here.

What makes for a fantastic, highly watchable wedding TV show? Drama, of course! While most brides experience jitters that might make them a bit more emotional than usual, shows like WE tv's Bridezillas highlight what happens when those jitters morph into total and complete irrationality. Other shows, like Four Weddings, follow several brides as they attend each others weddings and wedding receptions, judging which ones are the best. It's definitely a competition with a lot on the line, as the winner gets a huge honeymoon as a prize.

Figuring out how to throw a dream wedding can be a serious challenge, and that's the idea behind My Fair Wedding, a reality show that features wedding planner David Tutera helping women make their wedding dreams come true, by figuring out some great ideas just weeks before the ceremony. And many, many of the best wedding shows on TV feature engaged women trying to select the best, most beautiful wedding dress ever (including the aforementioned Say Yes to the Dress and the TLC show I Found the Gown). If you are interested, you can watch many of these wedding shows on Netflix.

What are the best bridal shows on TV? These can be reality shows or other programming, as long as they're about weddings, that's what counts

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