Best Women's Tennis Players of the 00s Tennis Players
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Best Women's Tennis Players of the 00s

Women who accomplished the most in tennis this decade.
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    Very clearly the best of the decade. I find myself frustrated that she hasn't done even more, but she is very clearly one of the greats.
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    In the end, surpassed by her lil' sis, but no one should forget how much she has done, and how much grander her resume would look if not for Serena.
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    Very clearly the #3 of the decade. I've got mixed feelings here. I loved watching her emerge seeming to win all the tough matches, but the end of her career is filled with questions.
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    The "other" Belgian. She ended the decade in amazing fashion coming back from retirement and childbirth to win a major. Here's hoping she's not done.
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    She's had moments of absolute brilliance. Still waiting for her to become a dominant #1-type player.
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    Lindsay's a breath of fresh air. She's the first person on this list who you can really believe accomplished all she was capable of. If the decade coincided better with her peak, she'd surpass all but the top 3.

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