The Biggest Boxing Controversies Anything
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The Biggest Boxing Controversies

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Shocking and controversial moments in the noble art of boxing

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    "He has his hair that big to hide his horns."-Larry Holmes.
    I choose to not let bias in my way, but King is a scumbag. Don King robbed boxers of money and made threats. Lennox Lewis sued him for not allowing Tyson to rematch him. Tyson sued for him stealing 100 Million dollars from him. Terry Norris sued him for stealing money, Holmes said King cheated him out of money. Ali sued him for under payment. He is no saint, he also killed a man for trying to rob his illegal bookmaking operation.
    Mike Tyson said the following quote about his former friend."(King is) a wretched, slimy, reptilian mother******. This is supposed to be my 'black brother' right? He's just a bad man, a real bad man. He would kill his own mother for a dollar. He's ruthless, he's deplorable, he's greedy, and he doesn't know how to love anybody."

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    Roy Jones Jr. Is Robbed of a Gold Medal

    Roy Jones Jr. was a shoo in to win the gold medal in the 1988 Olympics in Seoul. However, the judges decision came out different. A new scoring system was created just off of this fight alone. Jones went on to be arguably the best pound for pound fighter in the 90s as a middleweight, light heavyweight, and heavyweight champion.

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    Billy Collins Jr. Is Blinded from Loaded Gloves

    In a fight with Luis Resto, Billy Collins Jr.'s fate as a boxer would be sealed. 14 Fights undefeated Collins had a bright future, but this fight proved otherwise. Luis won the decision of the victory, but they later discovered his gloves were loaded with plaster. Collins was blinded and Resto got 2 and a half years in prison. Collins later had succum to alcoholism and died in a car wreck, possibly a suicide. 

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    The Phantom Punch

    The Rematch of Sonny Liston Vs Muhammad Ali for the World Heavyweight title is most the talked about controversy in all of boxing. In the first round Liston was dropped by a hook, but as many would claim, Sonny wasn't touched. Liston later claimed he threw the fight to avoid being killed by Muslim extremists. However many around stated they saw the punch land.

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    Margarito Loads His Gloves

    In a bout with Sugar Shane Mosley a trainer observed a powder on Margarito's gloves. Antonio had been busted for the same thing that blinded Billy Collins. Margarito lost the fight anyhow, and suffered a year long suspension.

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    Evander Holyfield Has a Bitten Ear

    In the rematch of Evander Holyfield and "Iron" Mike Tyson a strange event occurred. Holyfield is a fighter known for headbutting his opponents. See Hasim Rahman's forehead for proof. In this fight though, he headbutted the wrong man. Mike Tyson bit Evander's ear. The referee let the fight continue though, and after another headbutt he did it again and part of Evander's ear was missing. Holyfield had to have his ear repaired and won the fight on a disqualification. 

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