Biggest Fashion Disasters of 2011

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The biggest fashion disasters of 2011 included peacocks (Cee-Lo Green), interesting hats (Katy Perry), stuffed animals (Nicki Minaj), high waisted bathing suits (Ke$ha) and even some scary leopard-print skinny jeans (Lil Wayne). Those poor fashion choices from the top actors, actresses, musicians and other celebrities only scratch the surface of the awful clothing we saw during the year in the biggest fashion train-wrecks of all time.

Fashion disasters in 2011 came in two forms: Celebrities that meant well but chose outfits that missed the mark and those that dressed purely for shock value. For the most part, the latter column was limited to musicians such as pop singer Lady Gaga and her many head-turning outfits or rapper Nicki Minaj and her never-ending parade of colorful dresses and wigs. Interestingly enough, some of these celebs also made it to the best dressed celebrities of 2011 list as well.

Then there are the celebrities who tried to look fabulous in couture gowns or threads from top designers but ended up looking more like something out of a bad parody movie. Take Julianna Margulies for instance. Her white number worn at the 2011 Emmy Awards looked more like a shower curtain than a red carpet gown.

Additionally, some celebrities left us wondering if they were aware at all of how awful they looked when they left the house. These fashion choices, such as the decision by actress Helena Bonham Carter to wear mismatched red and green heels to the 2011 Golden Globes Award, were just plain weird.

Be them intentional, by accident or still up for debate, the biggest fashion disasters of 2011 showed us that the biggest actors, musicians and other celebrities are human and like us regular folk, they definitely make some poor clothing choices from time to time. Lucky for us, we're not photographed by the paparazzi everywhere we go.

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