Biggest Sports Let-Downs of 2011 Anything
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Biggest Sports Let-Downs of 2011

List of the worst, lamest fan disappointments from all sports in 2011. It's time to celebrate the least clutch moments, teams, games, players and events of 2011. We all remember the game-winners and epic runs, but now it's time to pay tribute to the top let-downs of the last year. It's the medias job to feed the excitement and fanaticism that comes with celebrating great sports moments, but often, our naivete gets the best of us and it blows up in everyone's face. It's not hard to think of examples: the Eagles assembling a "Dream Team" and then just painfully falling apart at the seams, for instance. The collapse of the Boston Red Socks making a run for the playoffs. Or the number one-seeded Spurs getting booted in the first round by a giant underdog team from Memphis. We love the hype, but then the time to step up comes around... and many teams and players come out looking like duds. Those are the moment's were trying to capture.

Take the time to vote on your favorites and add your own disappointments to the list. Please make them as shameful as possible.

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    Spending big money in the off-season and then mathematically eliminating themselves form the playoffs in week 4.

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    The true value of a backup quarterback will be determined by the asking price of Andrew Luck.

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    Demanding a new contract and holding out on an already shortened season really hurt his performance this year.

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    National Basketball Association

    The lockout took longer than anticipates and cost us at least 16 games for the upcoming season. Not to mention the utter sell-out of the dunk contest.

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    Big hype from the articulate man led to a no-show for the 2011 season.

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    Being up by nearly 50 games with about 9 games left in the seaon, the Red Sox managed to blow a lead so astronomically big it lead to the firing of Manager Terry Francona.

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