The 18 Biggest Super Bowl FAILs

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The biggest Super Bowl fails are not any ordinary fails. These fails are committed with the championship of the National Football League on the line and while millions of people are watching on live television around the world. Seriously, the Super Bowl is the last place you want to royally screw up but as these professional football players, teams and owners have shown, Super Bowl fails happen and they are hard to forget.

Just like it's simple to spot the biggest college football bowl game upsets, it's easy to pick on heavily favored teams who were expected to win the Super Bowl but collapsed once they hit the field. The 2007 New England Patriots, who completed a the league's first perfect 18-0 season but painfully lost in Super Bowl XLII to the New York Giants, would be a prime candidate for that category. But the Pats are far from the first team to drop the ball in the Super Bowl. The 1968 Baltimore Colts were in a similar situation as they dominated the NFL during the regular season but were upset in the title game by the New York Jets.

Other times, it's one missed play from a key player that brought a team a loss. Kickers are often picked on in this category with missed field goals costing a number of teams slim wins the Super Bowls. Scott Norwood could be the most famous of them all as he missed a 47-yard field goal in the final moments of Super Bowl XXV to allow the New York Giants to beat the Buffalo Bills. Garo Yepremian and his wildly bizarre play in Super Bowl VII rivals Norwood's fail. Yepremian, a kicker, tried to fake a field goal but ended up fumbling the ball, which was picked up by the Washington Redskins for a touchdown. Thankfully for Yepremian and the Miami Dolphins, the miscue didn't cost them the game and the Phins completed their perfect 1972 season.

As Yepremian and the 1972 Miami Dolphins will tell you, even the littlest of Super Bowl fails are still remembered for decades to come. That leads us to one conclusion: If you're going to commit an epic fail, don't do it at the Super Bowl or you will never live it down.
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