The Biggest Tourist Traps on Earth

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List Criteria: Vote UP the worst tourist traps that you'd advise any traveler should stay away from.

If you’re big on traveling, then you’ve undoubtedly come across a few tourist traps in your time. Whether you’ve been sucked into the Mystery Spot, or visited the World’s Largest Cedar Bucket (totally worth it by the way), you know what it’s like to spend a few bucks on something that’s most likely going to be underwhelming. At best, a tourist trap is going to either maintain small town charm, or have a weirdness factor that’s off the charts (once again: World’s Largest Cedar Bucket). The one thing you don’t want your tourist trap to be is completely boring. To help you avoid such mistakes, we’ve put together this list of the world’s worst tourist traps.

All across the world, and from sea to shining sea, there are destinations that are built to take your money. Whether it’s a “forbidden temple,” or a town built around the concept of a government conspiracy, the places on this list are a total drag. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of VERY TALL buildings on this list of terrible travel destinations. Why do people keep visiting these places? It’s almost like they’ve never looked up. We hope this list of the worst tourist traps does you some good, and helps you plan your next adventure. And if you travel to one of these drab destinations, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Vote up the destinations you feel are the biggest tourist traps, and if you’ve ever had your hard earned cash sucked away by one of these spots, tell us about it in the comments. Who doesn't love a good story about people spending unnecessary amounts of money?!
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