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Bikinipedia- F-G

Back with the latest installment of Bikinipedia. I had to combine the letters F and G because there were so little in both, but combined we get 14 wonderful ladies showing off their bikini bodies. It was a close race for my personal favorite between Gisele and Gemma Atkinson, but Gisele won out. Vote on who you think has the best bikini body. Enjoy!
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    Gwyneth Paltrow

    American actress best known for her work in Shakespeare In Love, Iron Man, and Iron Man 2.
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    Gillian Jacobs

    American actress best known for her work in Community.
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    Genevieve Morton

    South African model best known for her work as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model.
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    Gemma Atkinson

    English actress and model. (If you have never seen her you must Google her, this girl is undeniably hot in a bikini).
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    Gemma Arterton

    English actress best known for her work in Quantum Of Solace, Clash Of The Titans, and Prince Of Persia: Sands Of Time.
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