Billboard #1 U.S. Albums in 1984 Albums
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Billboard #1 U.S. Albums in 1984

Billboard Number One 1984 chart-toppers are all listed here. 1984 was an historic year in chart history as this was the fewest Number One records - the smallest amount of unique #1s - ever, given the massive dominance of Thriller and Purple Rain, which were both such pop culture phenomenons they actually kept another phenomenon - Born in the USA - to ONLY 4 weeks at #1. Each week's #1 US record album is on this list, with cover artwork and data about the disc, artist etc. 5 different releases had a run at the top of the best-seller charts in 1984.
The List
  1. 1

    Thriller Lambchop 15 Weeks at #1

  2. 2
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    Footloose 10 Weeks at #1

  3. 3

    Huey Lewis & the News

  4. 4

    Bruce Springsteen 4 Weeks at #1

  5. 5

    Purple Rain 22 Weeks at #1


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