Weird History The Most Bizarre Deaths in History  

Christopher Shultz
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It's a common wish for most people to die peacefully in their sleep, but this doesn't always happen. Some people deaths are mysterious, some die in freak accidents or otherwise strange, unusual or downright weird manners that are just plain baffling to the living. Whether you find this list creepy or thought-provoking, vote up the bizarre death you find the most mind-boggling.
Gloria Ramirez — 1994: Death b... is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Most Bizarre Deaths in History
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Gloria Ramirez — 1994: Death by bodily toxic fume emission

Gloria Ramirez entered the hospital while suffering complications related to cervical cancer, but when the staff attempted to administer medications, heart defibrillation and draw blood, they noticed a garlic-like smell coming from Ramirez's lips and strange, manila-colored chunks in her blood. The syringe also smelled of ammonia. At this point, members of the staff begin to pass out, and some later suffered medical complications, which they attributed to whatever had happened with Ramirez's body. A HAZMAT team was eventually brought in to decontaminate the hospital room. The case has never been satisfactorily resolved, and to this day it is still shrouded in mystery. (info via the New Times Los Angeles, reprinted here)
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21 Bostonians — 1919: Death by Molasses

If you read last year's much-lauded horror novel A Head Full of Ghosts by Paul Tremblay, then you're already familiar with the Great Molasses Flood AKA the Boston Molasses Disaster of 1919. According to Wikipedia: "At about 12:30 in the afternoon...a molasses tank 50 feet (15 metres) tall, 90 feet (27 metres) in diameter, and containing as much as 2,300,000 US gallons (8,700 cubic metres), collapsed...The collapse unleashed a wave of molasses 25 feet (7.6 metres) high at its peak, moving at 35 miles per hour (56 kilometres per hour)." In addition to the 21 people killed, another 150 were also severely injured. Legend has it you can still smell the deathly molasses lingering over Boston to this day.
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Aeschylus — 455 BC: Death by falling turtle

From J.C. McKeown's A Cabinet of Greek Curiosities: Strange Tales and Surprising Facts from the Cradle of Western Civilization, as summarized by chronolit: "There is a tale that Aeschylus...died from being hit on the head by a falling tortoise. He was spending a lot of time outside due to a prophecy that he would be killed by a falling object, when an eagle flying past mistook his head for a rock and dropped the tortoise it was carrying on him to smash it open (the tortoise, not Aeschylus’ head)." 
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Gary Hoy — 1993: Death by unbreakable glass

Think twice before you pull a stunt to impress some clients. Consider the unfortunate fate of one Gary Hoy, according to Snopes by way of Wikipedia: "In an attempt to prove to a group of prospective articling students that the glass in the Toronto-Dominion Centre was unbreakable, Hoy threw himself through a glass wall on the 24th story and fell to his death after the window frame gave way. He had apparently performed this stunt many times in the past, having previously bounced harmlessly off the glass."