Bonnaroo 2012 Reviewed + Ranked Bands/Musicians

Bonnaroo 2012 Reviewed + Ranked

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List Criteria: Ranked by how much I dug the set, basically.

Reviews, videos, and setlists of the Bonnaroo Festival 2012, all 25 artists that I saw. Ranking and reviewing all the music I caught live at the Bonnaroo Fest in Manchester, TN. Overall, a strong festival - not the best Bonnaroo I've been to (one of these days I will rank rock festivals themselves against each other), but a great time nonetheless.

Headliners this year are Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Phish - a pretty top-knotch set of headliners, but there are also great young bands like Alabama Shakes, Michael Kiwanuka, and Gary Clark Jr. making their Bonnaroo fest debuts earlier in the day. 2012 is a pretty solid Bonnaroo lineup, and has benefitted from some late additions including Danzig Legacy and Sharon Jones. Video footage of each band added when it can be found on Youtube. Consider this to be an overall Bonnaroo 2012 review.

I'd also like to add that thought I didn't actually watch Skrillex, we caught about 20mins of his set from a distance while stopping for some food and "regrouping" to head back to crash for the night, and I was pretty impressed. While it's not quite my style of electronica, seeing the live show I totally "get it". I didn't include Skrillex in the rankings because without actually being engaged in watching the band, it's not really fair to rank them.

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    I didn't know anything about these New Orleans funkmeisters, but we had some time to kill so headed over to the main stage to hear them finishing up a set that included covers of Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) (a song I hate, but I enjoyed this horn-centric version), and Allain Toussaint's "Night People".

    Then after Sharon Jones we caught their second set of the day on the Sonic Stage - also quite good. A nice Bonnaroo discovery, will need to pick up some of their albums.
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    Steven Bernstein's MTO feat. Bernie Worrell Plays Sly

    Too tired to write a review after typing in that long artist name, so we'll just say "enjoyable but nothing spectacular".
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    It's often the newer indie rock blogger-hyped bands that fill up far too much of the festival bills and rarely cut it live, but if I like them on record I do like to check them out. Hence I caught some of The War on Drugs set (I like their first album). Pretty meh, though I did enjoy one song.
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    Liked a few MP3s so decided to check them out. Double meh.
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