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Books That Changed My Life

Books That Changed My Life Books
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    J. R. R. Tolkien This definitive fantasy epic illustrates, to a greater extent than any other book, what I take to be most deeply true, good and beautiful about the human condition and the wider world we find

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    C. S. Lewis Reading this book in high school gave me my first hint that Christianity might have a coherent, reasonable body of beliefs about the world. 

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    Michio Kaku The first book I checked out from my high school library. Its optimism about the power of science to create a better future was infectious, and motivated me to study physics and mathematics for the

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    Ted Chiang The most engaging, thought-provoking stories I have ever read. The last in particular, "Hell is the absence of God" is the Book of Job for the 21st Century.

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    Basil Mitchell When I underwent a serious crisis of faith in college, this book gave me a framework within which to keep investigating the questions that were troubling me while still remaining a committed

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    David Hume Every believer who wants to call himself rational must wrestle with Hume's devastating challenge to religion: that human reasoning may be too weak to gain secure knowledge of transcendent reality.

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    Ron Paul I was an unthinking liberal when I read this, and it converted me to a broadly libertarian political worldview. It convinced me once and for all that the way to greater prosperity and security is

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