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Brain Diseases: List of Neurological Disorders Diseases / Medical Conditions
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Brain Diseases: List of Neurological Disorders

List of all brain diseases is a detailed brain diseases list. Neurological diseases affect a sizable portion of people in the US. Those suffering from brain & neurological diseases can have symptoms ranging from seizures and physical affects to erratic behavior and mood swings. What diseases affect the brain? Treatment for brain disorders and neuro diseases can range from radiation therapy, medications to even surgery, depending on what rare brain disease the patient is affected by.

What disorders affect the brain? To see some disorders that can affect the brain see the nerve disorders page. Your brain relies on your circulatory system for oxygen so check out these diseases of the circulatory system and see a doctor if you think you may be sick. Finally you may want to be aware thyrotoxicosis of which is hyperthyroidism and it can cause symptoms like anxiety and tremors. The thyrotoxicosis symptoms has more information on the subject.
  1. 26
  2. 27
    Pyoderma gangrenosum, Erythema nodosum More
  3. 28
    Facial nerve paralysis, Facial Paresis, Ageusia More
  4. 29
  5. 30
  6. 31
  7. 32
  8. 33
  9. 34
  10. 35

    Brain Damage

  11. 36
    Nausea, Diplopia, Blurred vision More
  12. 37
  13. 38

    Brown-Séquard syndrome

  14. 39
    loss of motor skills, Mental retardation, Vision loss More
  15. 40
  16. 41
  17. 42
    Locked-in syndrome, Dysphagia, Diplopia More
  18. 43
  19. 44
  20. 45
    Bleeding, Nausea, Vision disorder More
  21. 46
  22. 47
  23. 48
    Drooling, Ataxia, Gait abnormality More
  24. 49
  25. 50
    Gastrointestinal Disorder, Hammer toe, Malformed hip sockets More

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