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Bridges in Arkansas

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A complete list of bridges in Arkansas with pictures. Famous AR bridges, the biggest and the highest. From the earliest arch and beam bridges to the newest suspension and truss bridges, this list has them all. We build bridges to span obstacles, be it a valley, waterway, or another road. A bridge's function designates its design. A bridge can can be temporary, or it can last for millennia. Many Roman bridges are still standing (and even in use) today. No surprise then that bridges often become iconic landmarks for their region.

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    Originally intended to be called Murray Bridge, the Big Dam Bridge in Arkansas spans the Arkansas River and Murray Lock and Dam between Little Rock and North Little Rock and is open only to pedestrian and bicycle traffic. At 4,226 feet in length it is the longest pedestrian/bicycle bridge in North ...more

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    Cane Hill Road Bridge

  3. 3

    Cedar Creek Bridge

    The Cedar Creek Bridge in Petit Jean State Park, Arkansas, was built in 1934. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990.more

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    Cotter Bridge

    Cotter Bridge
    Photo: Freebase/Public domain

    The Cotter Bridge, also known as the R.M. Ruthven Bridge and the White River Concrete Arch Bridge, carries U.S. Route 62 Business across the White River west of the city of Cotter in Baxter County, Arkansas. Upon completion, the bridge allowed access to a part of the Ozarks previously undiscovered by ...more

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    County Road 6 Bridge

    The Rennic Road Bridge is a single-span Warren truss bridge in Washington County, Arkansas. It historically carried Rennic Road across an unnamed creek in a rural part of the county about 2 miles northeast of the hamlet of Cincinnati, Arkansas, but has recently been bypassed, and stands next to the ...more

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    Cove Creek Bridge

    The Cove Creek Bridge in Corley, Arkansas was built in 1936. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1995. It is a reinforced concrete arch faced with stone.more

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    The Hernando de Soto Bridge is a through arch bridge carrying Interstate 40 across the Mississippi River between West Memphis, Arkansas and Memphis, Tennessee. Memphians also call the bridge the "New Bridge", as it is newer than the Memphis & Arkansas Bridge downstream, and the "M Bridge", due to its ...more

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    Illinois River Bridge

    The Illinois River Bridge is a historic bridge, carrying a discontinued portion of Kincheloe Road over the Illinois River northeast of the hamlet of Pedro, Arkansas. It is a single-span Pratt through truss with a span of 126 feet and a total structure length of 206 feet. The bridge was built by the ...more

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    Lee Creek Bridge

    The Lee Creek Bridge in Natural Dam, Arkansas is a Pennsylvania through-truss bridge that was built in 1934. It is a twin-span bridge with a total length of 587 feet, which carries Arkansas Highway 59 across Lee Creek. It rests on concrete piers and abutments, has a vertical clearance of 14 feet and has ...more

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    Memphis & Arkansas Bridge

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    Mulberry River Bridge

    Mulberry River Bridge in Turner's Bend, Arkansas is a Parker Pony truss bridge, over the Mulberry River. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007.more

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    St. Francis River Bridge

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    St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass

    The St. Louis-San Francisco Overpass is a pony and deck truss bridge built in 1937 located in Imboden, Lawrence County, Arkansas. It carries U.S. Route 62 and Arkansas Highway 115 over the Spring River for 1,049.9 feet. The bridge has three Pratt deck trusses, each 112 feet in length, and three Parker ...more

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    U.S. 62 White River Bridge

    The White River Bridge is a five span Warren deck truss bridge located near Beaver, Carroll County, Arkansas. It carries U.S. Route 62 over the White River for 786.90 feet. Each span is about 128 feet in length, and is mounted on concrete piers or abutments. The bridge was built in 1950-52 by the ...more

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    War Eagle Bridge

    The War Eagle Bridge, a one lane steel bridge built in 1907, adjoins the War Eagle Mill, and carries County Route 98 over War Eagle Creek in Benton County, Arkansas. The bridge was listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 19, 1985.more

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    Woolsey Bridge

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