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bridges Bridges in Romania

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A complete list of bridges in Romania with pictures. Famous Romanian bridges, the biggest and the highest. From the earliest arch and beam bridges to the newest suspension and truss bridges, this list has them all. We build bridges to span obstacles, be it a valley, waterway, or another road. A bridge's function designates its design. A bridge can can be temporary, or it can last for millennia. Many Roman bridges are still standing (and even in use) today. No surprise then that bridges often become iconic landmarks for their region.

Cernavodă Bridge

The Cernavodă Bridge is a complex of two motorway-railroad truss bridges in Romania, across the Danube River, connecting the cities of Cernavodă and Feteşti. Inaugurated in 1987, the bridges have a total length of 2,622.85 m of which 1,640.35 m over the Danube and 982.5 m over Borcea branch of the ...more

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The New Europe Bridge, previously known as the Danube Bridge 2, and informally called the Calafat-Vidin Bridge, is a road and rail bridge between the cities of Vidin, Bulgaria and Calafat, Romania. It is the second bridge on the shared section of the Danube between the two countries. It is a ...more

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Carac?u Viaduct

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The Danube Bridge is a steel truss bridge over the Danube River connecting the Bulgarian bank to the south with the Romanian bank to the north and the cities of Ruse and Giurgiu respectively. It is one of only two bridges connecting Romania and Bulgaria, the other one being the New Europe Bridge ...more

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