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Burger King Secret Menu Items

This list of Burger King secret menu items has all the hidden menu items available to order at Burger King. What's on the secret menu at Burger King? Most of these off-menu Burger King items are twists on classics while other hidden items are a new invention of their own. The Burger King secret menu list is something to keep on you on all times. Is there are secret menu at Burger King? You never know when you'll need a Suicide Burger or Mustard Whopper off the secret Burger King menu! I mean even the Suicide Burger can't be as unhealthy as any of the McDonald's menu items, right? Aw, whatever I'm no nutritionist I'm just here to provide you with the best secretive information around... still my favorite bit of this secrecy is the In N Out secret menu items or the Chick-fil-a hidden menu. But it's all preference people! Now go gulp down some of these secret items already.

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    Mustard Whopper

    Just the slightest tweak makes a huge difference. Mustard Whopper. A Whopper using mustard instead of mayo. It can be the new you.

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    Veggie Whopper

    Vegetarians can have it their way too. If they're unsatisfied with the BK Veggie Burger, they can also have the Veggie Whopper, which is just like a regular Whopper with a veggie instead of a beef patty.

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