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Cancer conspiracy theories involve myriad aspects of the research, diagnosis, treatment, and survival of cancer. One of the most prominent theories is that there's a cure for cancer, kept on the shelf by the government and Big Pharma, who rake in so much cash treating the disease they don't want a cure. Other theorists believe the US has weaponized cancer, and administered it to dissidents who need to be silenced.

Here are some of the most prominent cancer conspiracies, many of which have been debunked or are supported by little to no evidence, and the stories behind them.
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Cancer Is a Fungus, and Can Easily Be Cured

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The idea that cancer is a fungus stems from the work of Italian scientist Tullio Simoncini, who determined cancer is caused by the body's reaction to a common yeast infection called candida. The basis for this theory? The simple, shocking truth that cancer tumors are always white. Simoncini believed that this fungal overgrowth can be cured not with chemotherapy and drugs, but by injections of a simple, cheap compound made from salt water and baking soda. If this were true, it would render the entire industry based on cancer treatment a fraudulent scheme.

Unfortunately, Simoncini's work is based in bad science. For one thing, cancer is not always white. What's more, his research has never been independently confirmed, and at least one patient died from his baking soda treatment, with many others dying from a lack of efficacious treatment. Also, candida is present in every living person, as a common gut bacteria. When it does become overgrown, the results are conditions like thrush or yeast infections, not cancer.
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Chemotherapy Kills Patients Faster Than No Treatment

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Chemotherapy and radiation are meant to kill cancer with cellular poisons, and as such, can have extremely harsh side effect. Chemo can be ineffective or even useless with some cancers, and is extremely expensive. Here you have perfect fodder for a conspiracy theory: the medical establishment gives chemotherapy to cancer patients knowing it doesn't work just to get their money and kill them.

Indeed, some websites make grandiose claims, such as that chemo kills more than 90% of patients; chemo is only effective 2 to 3 percent of the time; chemo has never cured anyone; or that it's better to do nothing than getting chemo.

In reality, little of this is true. Chemo is a catchall for a number of treatments. Some have proven to be extremely effective, such as those for blood-based cancers. By way of example, testicular cancer is cured in as many as 95% of men, thanks to chemo. With other cancers, chemo may not work as well. In some cases, patients are diagnosed too late for treatments to work; treatment simply isn't worth the pain and expense.
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Big Pharma Suppresses Natural Cancer Cures

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You don't have to look hard to find websites that sell miracle cancer treatments Big Pharma doesn't want you to know about. These dubious sources offer everything from cannabis oil and coffee enemas to magnets and extreme diets. According to this conspiracy theory, only a few renegade doctors are sharing the truth about these cures, while the pharma industry works hard (or even kills) to keep them unknown so they can push harmful chemotherapy and radiation. 

Unfortunately, most of these "natural cures" have never been studied in any satisfactory way. Some, such as coffee enemas and radical diets, have even proven harmful to cancer patients. If natural compounds could cure cancer, pharmaceutical companies would make untold millions turning them into cancer treatments. Furthermore, if they were truly being suppressed, nobody would know about them in the first place. Doctors don't offer them because they don't work. 
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Alternative Cancer Researchers Are Being Murdered

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Rumors began circulating in June 2015 that a number of holistic doctors and maverick researchers had been murdered by the pharmaceutical industry. The number of purported murders varies between a dozen and fifty. Alternative medicine websites see this alleged murder spree as a declaration of war against holistic medicine.

The evidence? Jeffrey Bradstreet was testing a pioneering cure for autism and cancer when he was shot in the chest. Two Canadian researchers were mysteriously murdered in late 2015. British cancer researcher Alan Clarke and Seattle cancer researcher Cheryl Deboer also died. 
However, like most theories involving long lists of people who mysteriously died, this dead doctors plot relies on coincidence mistaken for conspiracy. Many of doctors who died in this period were chiropractors, while several others were women killed in acts of intimate partner violence, not government assassinations. What's more, Bradstreet was no said - he was implicated in the deaths of five patients who were undergoing trials of his maverick drug. Clarke was found hanging in a fetish suit, likely dealing with depression after his wife was diagnosed with cancer.