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If you're looking for 'Captain America' movie quotes, you've come to the right place. This new Marvel movie is one of the better superhero films in recent years (yes, reviews were pretty good), and not surprisingly, it's highly quotable. If you missed this movie in theaters, you'll get a chance to see it on video soon: The 'Captain America' DVD was set for release on October 25, 2011. Don't see your favorite 'Captain America: The First Avenger' quote listed? Feel free to add it!

'Captain America: The First Avenger' stars Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, a man who volunteers for a super-secret military project that turns him into super soldier Captain America. Many of the 'Captain America' quotes come from Evans, as either Steve or, well, Captain America - but others come from Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), scientist Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan), Captain America's faithful friend and sidekick.

'Captain America' had a strong showing at the U.S. box office, taking in more than $65 million in its first weekend of release. The movie went on to gross well over $173 million (as of mid-September 2011). Definitely a hit!

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Why Me?

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Steve Rogers: "Why me?"
Dr. Abraham Erskine: "...because a weak man knows the value of strength, the value of power..."

With this one quote, Dr. Erskine explains to the doubting Steve that because he was once weak, he understands the responsibilities that come with great strength.
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It Works

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Steve Rogers: (showing his shield to Peggy) "What do you think?"
(Peggy shoots the shield)
Peggy Carter: "Yes, I think it works."

Steve's choice of the prototype vibranium shield is clearly a good one. As Stark explains, it's the "rarest metal on Earth" and it's the only one. Does it work? Peggy quickly tests it - and yes, it does.
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A Good Man

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Dr. Abraham Erskine: "Whatever happens, stay who you are...not just a soldier, but a good man."

Dr. Erskine (Stanley Tucci) believes in Steve Rogers, clearly. He knows that it's more than just the physical - it's the heart of the person that makes the soldier (even a superhero soldier).
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Dr. Abraham Erskine: "Are you ready?"
Steve Rogers: "Is it too late to go to the bathroom?"

Yes Steve, it's too late. But we don't blame you, given what's happening.
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Something To Share

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Col. Chester Phillips: (to Peggy Carter) "If you have something on your mind, now is the perfect time to keep it to yourself."
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Wars Are Won By Men

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Col. Chester Phillips: "General Patton has said that wars are fought with weapons but they are won by men. Our goal is to create the greatest army in history. But every army begins with one man. He will be the first in a new breed of super-soldier. We are going to win this war because we have the best men. And they, personally, will escort Adolf Hitler to the gates of Hell."

With this statement, Colonel Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones) defines exactly what the plans are for Steve Rogers - he'll be the very first "super-soldier" and will, hopefully, allow the Army to successfully battle the Nazis.
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I Punched Adolf Hitler

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'Dum Dum' Dugan: "Are you sure you know what you're doing?"
Captain America/Steve Rogers: "Yeah. I punched out Adolf Hitler 200 times."
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This is War

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Steve Rogers: "I know you don't think I can do this..."
Bucky Barnes: "This isn't a backyard, Steve, it's a war!"

Oh Bucky, how can you doubt for a second that Steve/Cap knows VERY well that this isn't his Brooklyn backyard? He's keenly aware of the danger.