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Disney Pixar's 'Cars 2' movie quotes are, not surprisingly, hilarious. 'Cars 2' is a really quotable movie, filled with great one-liners and longer, clever dialogue between the movie's main characters, including Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) and his best buddy Mater (Larry the Cable Guy). If you missed the film in theaters, you'll be glad to know that the 'Cars 2' DVD was set for release on November 1, 2011. Check out some of the best 'Cars 2' quotes around, right here, and be sure to vote for your favorites (and add more quotes if you have 'em). Ka-Chow!

'Cars 2' also features the voices of Michael Caine (Finn McMissile), Emily Mortimer (Holley Shiftwell), Eddie Izzard (Sir Miles Axlerod) and John Turturro (Francesco Bernoulli). This time out, the gang goes international, with Lightning competing in the prestigious World Grand Prix.

Audiences responded to 'Cars 2,' buying up a lot of tickets when the film opened on June 26, 2011 (more than $66 million worth). By mid-September of 2011, 'Cars 2' had grossed well over $189 million at the U.S. box office.

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Mater: "What you got here that's free? How about that pistachio ice cream?"
Food Vendor: "No, no - wasabi."
Mater: "Oh same ole same ole. What's up with you? That looks delicious..."

Oh dear. Mater may need to get some bottled water. Or a lake, if he plans on eating that wasabi (ice cream, eeek!).

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The Popemobile

Mater: "Is the Popemobile Catholic?"

Mater had some of the funniest lines in the original 'Cars' movie, and this seems true for the sequel as well.
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Finn McMissile: "Finn McMissile, British intelligence."
Mater: "Tow Mater, average intelligence."

Kind of sums things up - but we all know Mater is selling himself way, way short. James Bond meets Larry the Cable Guy. What a pair!

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Lightning McQueen: "Nice to meet you, Francesco."
Francesco: "Nice to meet you too. You are very good looking. Not as good as I thought - but you are good."

Francesco Bernoulli promises to deliver some of the funniest lines in 'Cars 2.' This slick, ultra-famous, 'handsome' Italian race car knows he's a stud - and he's ready to put Lightning in his place.
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This is Him?

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Mater: "Excuse me lady."
Holley Shiftwell: "This cannot be him."
Finn McMissile: "Is he American?"
Holley Shiftwell: (As Mater shows off some of his funky dance moves) "Extremely."
Finn McMissile: "Then it is him."

Oh Mater. Holley and Finn don't believe you are actually capable of being a secret agent - but like everyone else, they definitely underestimate you. Mater could certainly work on his image a bit, maybe polish up - but then he wouldn't be our beloved Mater, would he?
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Two Sweets

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Finn McMissile: "Siddley. Paris, tout de suite."
Mater: "Two of them sweets for me too."
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Sarge: (Tasting gas in Tokyo) "I can't believe it! They use the same stuff like in Radiator Springs, yet it is so much better!"
Fillmore: "That's because it's organic, man!"
Sarge: "Treehugger."
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Just a Tow Car

Mater: "You know I am just a tow car."
Finn McMissile: "It is his cover."
(Mater makes goofy noises, sticking out his tongue and rattling his carburetor)
Finn McMissile: "Brilliant."

Mater seems the total opposite of the uptight Brit agent Finn McMissile in this movie. Perfect casting. Larry the Cable Guy vs. Michael Caine = EPIC!