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Cars Movie Quotes

Some of the best 'Cars' movie quotes feature everyone's favorite car hero, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), as he adjusts to life in the small town of Radiator Springs. There, he makes new friends and finds the inspiration and drive he needs to win races. The 2006 Pixar classic 'Cars' contains many, many hilarious quotes from other characters, too, including Mater the tow truck (Larry the Cable Guy), Doc Hudson (Paul Newman) and Sally Carrera ( Bonnie Hunt). Read on for some of the best 'Cars' movie quotes around, and for quotes from the latest 'Cars' movie, check out this 'Cars 2' quotes list!

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    My Name is Mater

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    Mater: "My name is Mater."
    Lightning McQueen: "Mater?"
    Mater: "Yeah, like tuh-mater, but without the 'tuh."

    Our first introduction to the now-beloved Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) also lets us know pretty quickly that Mater is a goofball of the highest order.

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