28 Cats Sitting in Funny Spaces

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List Criteria: Add your cat squishing itself into a teeny, tiny space! Click on the "Hamburger" button to add your furry friend!

Cats' curiosities often lead them to finding some pretty interesting places to sit their tush down and enjoy life. Sometimes, it's as simple as sitting on a windowsill or the back of the couch, but other times they try to cram their squishy bodies into the strangest places.

This list is paying homage to our fuzzy felines and all the ridiculous things they do. Do you have a kitty that likes to squeeze itself into a much too small place for some much needed R&R? Upload your kitty's picture and put it on here. The more, the merrier, in this case! 

I've gotten the ball rolling with some awesomely adorable cats, but feel free to add your own. Which space is too small? You decide.
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