The World's Stealthiest Cats Caught Peeking

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Though some may say they know the origins of the word “ninja,” for centuries cats have claimed that they alone hold the secret to its true meaning. The word, feline kind insists, is actually an ancient term derived from the word “cat.” Though no evidence exists to back up this statement, many a kitty has claimed that their own expert stealth is proof it's obvious truth. Here they’ve assembled an epic collection of cute cats peeking around various objects in order to give you a tiny sample of the sneakiness of kitty kind.

The untrained observer may have to search these adorable cat pictures for hours, looking for any sign of their presence. Whether or not you see these cats peeking under the bed or cats peeking over things depends on your own skill in spotting a fellow ninja. Whatever happens, you'll definitely learn a thing or two about stealth from these peeking cats.
So get ready for a grin as you check out these cute pictures of cats peeking under, over, and around things like the master spies they are. You’ll see them employ everything from the art of camouflage to the classic “flat ear” pose that’s been a staple of kitty hunters for centuries. Without further ado, let the hiding kitty peekaboo games begin.
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