Cats That Are Stuck, Please Help

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You ever have one of those moments where you’re just feeling a little… stuck? Whether it was brought on by a rough patch at work or an awkward situation with your significant other, trust us, you’re about to find yourself in adorable company. Here you'll find a collection of stuck cats who feel you. Though most of them are experiencing feeling stuck in a bit more literal a sense, these felines feel all the frustration that goes into being caught between a rock and a hard place… or just getting your head caught in the mini-blinds, whichever.

Regardless, the next time you’re feeling a little low or don’t know what to do, we can only hope you’ll find the wisdom to handle whatever situation you face by ignoring it completely in order to more fully focus on these hilarious pictures of cats stuck in things. We feel that although this course of action may not actually solve your problem, it’s undoubtedly a helluva lot more fun than worrying about it. Here you’ll meet cats that are stuck in everything from cat doors that couldn’t handle their impressive girth to impossibly small objects that they answered the ancient kitteh call to attempt to fit into regardless.

So scroll down for a laugh and a healthy dose of reassurance that no matter how stuck you may be feeling, at least you won’t have to suffer the humiliation of having your owners untangle you from the blinds. After all, these cats assure you that if can happen to them, it can happen to anyone.
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