Celebrities Addicted To Oxycontin

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Celebrity drug addicts are nothing new, there's always some celebrity that's going to rehab for some addiction or another. But these celebrities weren't addicted to just any drug, they were addicted to Oxycontin, which is also referred to as hillbilly heroin. The reason for the moniker is Oxy is basically an opiate in oral form. The pill is supposedly time released in order to block pain for 24 hours and help lower dependency, but that didn't work out so well for these six celebrities. Check out my other list of Celebrities Addicted to Vicodin

Who are famous oxycontin addicts? Take a look at this list and you'll see for yourself. Famous people have addiction problems too, hopefully these celebrities can get it together. For these celebrities addicted to opiates, there's a long road to recovery ahead. But since they are famous stars after all, hopefully they have the resources and the will to kick their addictions. For now, let these famous opiate addicts be a lesson: no one is safe from hillbilly heroin.
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