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Celebrities on Google Plus

Google Plus has officially become the fastest-growing social network ever created, reaching over 10 million registered users within weeks of launching, before the product was even taken out of beta. Though the company's policy prevented brands or companies from making profiles on the site post-launch, nevertheless celebrities started to join quickly using their own names.

As happened a few years earlier with Twitter, the presence of famous and notable people using the service will likely be integral to future success. NOTE: Though Twitter uses "verified accounts" to let the public know which celebrity accounts are authentic, Google currently does not offer any such information. So some of the accounts below, though vetted as much as possible, may in fact be clever hoaxes. If you think any of these accounts are not accurate, please let us know in the comments below, along with suggestions for other celebrity accounts currently in the system.

What celebrities are on Google Plus? Take a look here and see for yourself.

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    Geek icon Shatner portrayed Captain James T. Kirk on the original TV series "Star Trek." He also was a regular on the popular TV series "TJ Hooker," "The Practice" and "Boston Legal." He's also known for his various meta-examinations of fame and celebrity, including the spoken-word album "The Transformed Man," appearances in the ads for Priceline.com and his documentary film "The Captains."

    William Shatner on Google+

    Age: 84
    Birthplace: Côte Saint-Luc, Canada
    Profession: Spokesperson, Television director, Television producer, Novelist, Musician + 7 more
    Schools: Baron Byng High School, Westmount High School, McGill University
    Major/Field Of Study: Commerce
    Children: Lisabeth Shatner, Melanie Shatner, Leslie Carol Shatner, Daniel Shatner
    William Shatner : see more

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