Celebrities Who Endorsed 2012 GOP Candidates People
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Celebrities Who Endorsed 2012 GOP Candidates

Celebrities who endorsed 2012 Republican presidential candidates include some well-known celebs who have, over the years, consistently let their political leanings be known, as well as some newcomers. How much does a star's endorsement of a presidential candidate really matter? That's hard to quantify, but when someone who has the media (and the tabloids) attention throws support behind a candidate, it usually makes headlines. This list includes actors, reality stars, musicians and athletes who have gone on record as fans or supporters of GOP candidates in the 2012 election.

Donald Trump is certainly one of the most high-profile celebrities to endorse a candidate this election season. In early-February of 2012, the Donald threw his support behind GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Other celebs known to back Romney include Robert Duvall, Kelsey Grammer and Jon Voight. Celebrities who have endorsed and/or support Newt Gingrich are fewer and more far between, though getting an endorsement from Chuck Norris is nothing to sneeze at. For what it's worth (and really, not much), Gary Busey briefly endorsed Gingrich - but he reversed his decision within a day or two, saying it was too early to make an informed decision.

Ron Paul seems to have the support of some big celebrities, too. Among them: Vince Vaughn, Juliette Lewis, Barry Manilow and Aerosmith's Joe Perry. And who can forget singer Kelly Clarkson's Twitter endorsement of Paul? She got a whopper of a record boost from that one.

Dennis Miller made headlines when he (very publicly) endorsed then-GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain. Two months later, Miller withdrew that endorsement, telling Bill O'Reilly quite simply that Cain "can't win." And, in one of the more bizarre celebrity Republican presidential endorsements of the campaign season, actor Nick Searcy (FX's 'Justified') made a campaign video for Herman Cain (sort of) called "He Carried Yellow Flowers." The video, released on YouTube in September of 2011, was essentially a parody of all the crazy celebrity presidential endorsements - but it also hammered home Searcy's support for Cain (before Cain withdrew from the campaign, of course).

As you can clearly see from this list (stacked heavily to celebrities who endorse Ron Paul and celebrities who endorse Mitt Romney), not all of Hollywood is throwing support behind Barack Obama in 2012.

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