14 Celebrities Who Had Stillborn Babies People
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14 Celebrities Who Had Stillborn Babies

List of Celebrities Who had Stillborn Babies, loosely ranked by fame and popularity. A stillbirth takes place when a fetus dies while in the mother's uterus. This usually happens in full-term pregnancies. The cause of most stillbirths is unknown. A stillbirth can be especially difficult for parents, since they have had several months to connect with the baby.

Who is the most famous person who had a stillborn baby? Keanu Reeves tops our list. “The Matrix” actor's girlfriend actress Jennifer Syme gave birth to a stillborn baby girl in 1999. Sadly, Syme died in a car accident 18 months later. Reeves spoke with Parade magazine about these tragic losses saying, "All you can do is hope that grief will be transformed and, instead of feeling pain and confusion you will be together again in memory, that there will be solace and pleasure there, not just loss."

Several famous women delivered stillborn babies. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and John F. Kennedy had a stillborn baby daughter in 1956. In 1991, Katey Sagal had to have an emergency Caesarean section in her seventh month of pregnancy. Sadly, the baby girl was stillborn. Her pregnancy was worked into “Married with Children,” but it was later explained to have been a “dream.”

Do you think that parents ever get over the loss of a stillborn child? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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    In 1999, Keanu Reeves's girlfriend, actress Jennifer Syme, gave birth to a stillborn baby girl. Sadly, Syme died in a car accident 18 months later.

    Age: age 50
    Birthplace: Beirut, Lebanon
    Profession: Actor, Voice acting
    Institution: De La Salle College, Avondale Secondary Alternative School, Etobicoke School of the Arts
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    Born: 1964
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