35+ Celebrities Who Had Weight Loss Surgery

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America has an interesting fascination with celebrity. We build up certain people to be larger than life and then follow their every move and decision. The United States, as a country, also struggles with obesity and weight loss. Many celebrities also struggle with weight issues and the famous people on this list have all undergone weight loss surgery to help start their weight loss journey. Which celebrities have had weight loss surgeries?

As technology progresses we get lazier and move less, staring at screens, while simultaneously our food is gets less and less natural. It's a terrifying and vicious cycle that puts our waistlines on the rise. Being under daily public scrutiny, as these celebrities are, they feel even more pressure to look a certain way.

From gastric bypass to the LAP-BAND, many celebrities have had surgery to get started on a healthier lifestyle and achieve their weight loss goals. This list features famous celebrities who have had their stomachs stapled or have the Lap Band. TV personalities like Al Roker and Star Jones, many musicians, and even a few famous athletes and coaches have undergone weight loss surgery.

Read through the list below to find out which famous people have had a weight loss procedure.
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