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26 Celebrities with Cleft Lips

This list of celebrities with cleft lips is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. A cleft lip is a deformity caused by abnormal development while a fetus is still in the womb. An individual with a cleft lip has a gap that interrupts the normal structure of a lip. A cleft lip is often accompanied by a cleft palate, a gap that connects the mouth directly to the nasal cavity.

Who is the most famous person with a cleft lip? Joaquin Phoenix tops this list. The Walk the Line star was born with a microform cleft lip, which made it appear as if he has a scar on his upper lip. Many people thought that Phoenix got the scar after undergoing surgery to repair a cleft lip, but this is not the case. Other actors with a cleft lip include Natural Born Killers actor Stacey Keach, From Dusk Till Dawn actor Cheech Marin, and Only God Forgives actor Tom Burke.

Politician Jesse Jackson was born with a cleft lip, but it is hard to spot under his signature mustache. Jackson rarely speaks publicly about his cleft. Other famous people born with a cleft lip include NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning, broadcaster Tom Brokaw, and gun-slinger Doc Holiday.

Do you think that having a cleft lip helped these people to succeed in their given careers? Share your thoughts in the comments section.
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    Actor Joaquin Phoenix has a microform cleft lip that looks like a scar.

    Born: 1974
    Birthplace: Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico
    Profession: Television producer, Musician, Film Producer, Actor, Music video director + 1 more
    Height: 5'8"
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