Celebrity Arrests 2013: Celebrities Arrested in 2013

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Which celebrity arrests in 2013 were the most scandalous? As the year unfolded, the inevitable happened: The rich and famous started getting locked up. Think of this list as a timeline, because it details who did what to whom. Details will be added as they become available, including exactly what the celeb did to get hauled in by the police. Who will get taken into custody next?

Celebrities sometimes do bad things, but unlike most of us, they typically don't get punished in the same way. Most of the time these (temporary) jail birds wind up paying a nominal fine and they walk. Occasionally, though, a famous person might step so far out of line that they will indeed face jail time or, at the very least, be sentenced to some community service. They might also get a probation officer, who'll tear his/her hair out trying to keep track of all the things the celeb may (or may not) be up to.

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