Celebrity Breakups 2013: Celeb Couples Who Split in 2013

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List Criteria: Celebrity couples who broke up between January and December of 2013.

Celebrity breakups from 2013 include splits involving some of the biggest names in Hollywood and around the globe. Whether it's singers getting together and then deciding to call things off after just a few months of dating, or actors who decide, for whatever reason, to call it quits after decades together, this list chronicles all of the best and worst break ups of the year.

This list of celebrity break ups in 2013 will be updated, of course, as the splits happen -- and they will...they always do. Need proof? Just check out this list of celeb couples who broke up in 2012. It's long, and tragic for the most part. Reality TV couples dominate the list, so will they in 2013? If January of 2013 is any indication, it's all about the teen heartbreak and drama. And it seems very likely that Taylor Swift will make this list more than once, or even twice.

Want teen drama? Try the two biggest breakups of January 2013: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles and Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Now technically, Justin and Selena actually called their romance off in 2012, but things reached a fevered pitch on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, 2013, so they make the list. At least these four are young, ridiculously rich and incredibly attractive, right? They should all have no problem bouncing back from heartache. Quickly.

As we lament the heartaches of the rich and famous, remember: Break ups happen, and sometimes they are actually for the best.
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