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Celebrities Who Died in 2014

This list of celebrity deaths in 2014 is an official watch list of celebrities who died in 2014. Which famous celebrities died in 2014? These famous deaths so far in 2014 are actors, musicians, and notable people we mourn the passing of every time we hear the news of the latest celebrity death. This list is updated regularly, with all recent celebrity deaths, every time a famous person dies, with brief obituaries detailing the most well-known, recent Hollywood deaths and passings.

The latest celebrity deaths are listed at the top of this list, but you can sort the well-known obit list alphabetically by the name column. This celebrity death list will have any notable famous people who passed away in 2014, as soon as the news hits, but if we miss any prominent obituaries please let us know in the comments below, and we will add them right away. What famous stars died in 2014? Robin Williams's unfortunate passing was sad and shocking, but plenty of other talents have departed from this earth as well, as you can see by this list. 

If you would like to remember the celebrities that passed on last year, check out our 2013 Celebrity Deaths List.

Some die from drug overdoses, some of cancer, others of old age and some from untimely accidents, but all the 2014 famous dead people are listed here by recency of death with respect for their families and loved ones. This is an informational list of celebrity deaths and not a celebration of anything other than their lives. RIP, talented and famous people who died in 2014 - you will be remembered.

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  1. 11/3/2014: Public radio personality Tom Magliozzi died of complications from Alzheimer's disease at the age of 77. Magliozzi, along with his brother Ray, gained fame as the co-hosts of NPR's Car Talk, a weekly show. Their banter, wit, and immense automobile knowledge made them popular with car lovers and radio fans alike.

    Magliozzi grew up in East Cambridge, MA and graduated from MIT. A car accident inspired him to quit his job as an engineer and start a do it yourself car repair shop in the 1970s. He and his brother stumbled into their radio career after appearing on a panel of car mechanics for a local public radio station. Car Talk would go national in 1987. The show has been airing archives of old shows since 2012, but is still wildly popular.

    Source: NPR

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    Age: age 78
    Birthplace: East Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America
    Profession: Voice acting, Mechanic
    Schools: Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University
    Children: Lydia Magliozzi
  2. 10/13/2014: Actress Elizabeth Norment passed away at the age of 61. The news was announced by The Hollywood Reporter, and confirmed by Norment's sister, Kate. She died at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, though the cause of death was not known.

    Norment was known for her roles on Party of Five, ER, Mad About You, and Law & Order. She also portrayed Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) executive secretary Nancy Kaufberger on Netflix's House of Cards. She was also known for her extensive theatre work.

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    Profession: Actor
  3. 10/27/2014: Actress Marcia Strassman died after a long battle with breast cancer. She was 66 years old. Her death was confirmed by her sister, Julie Strassman saying, "She was the funniest, smartest person I ever met."

    Strassman was best known for her roles on Welcome Back Kotter and in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids films.


    more ABOUT
    Age: age 67
    Birthplace: New York City, New York, United States of America
    Profession: Activist, Model, Actor, Singer
    Children: Elizabeth Collector
  4. 10/25/2014: Bassist Jack Bruce, former member of Cream with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker, died at his home in Suffolk, England, at age 71. According to a post on Bruce's Facebook page, he was surround by his family at the time of his passing.

    As the bassist for one of rock's earliest supergroups, he helped create the tracks "Sunshine of Your Love," "White Room" and "SWLABR."

    more ABOUT
    Age: age 72
    Birthplace: Bishopbriggs, United Kingdom
    Profession: Bassist, Songwriter, Musician, Actor, Singer
    Schools: The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
    Children: Jonas Bruce, Malcolm Bruce
  5. 10/20/2014: Noted fashion designer Oscar de la Renta died at his home in Kent, Connecticut. He was 82 years old. His wife, Annette de la Renta, confirmed the news of his passing, due to complications with cancer. He dealt with the disease off and on for 8 years prior to his death.

    de la Renta was one of the most famous names in fashion, known for dressing celebrities for red carpet events, numerous American first ladies, and designing the dress that Amal Alamuddin wore for her wedding to George Clooney, among other achievements.


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    Age: age 83
    Birthplace: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Profession: Designer
    Schools: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando
    Children: Moises de la Renta
  6. 10/18/2014: American Idol contestant Joanne Borgella died after battling a rare case of cancer. She was 32 years old. Her family posted news of her passing on her Facebook page, saying, "Her faith, courage and strength were unshaken throughout every obstacle she encountered."

    Borgella appeared on season 7 of American Idol, making it to the final 12 for females. She suffered from endometrial cancer, which attacks the lining of the womb.


    more ABOUT
    Age: age 33
    Birthplace: Uniondale, New York, United States of America
    Profession: Model, Plus-size model, Singer
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